werewolfmind watches Teen Wolf 3.21 “The Fox and The Wolf”

Can we just give Dylan every single award for this performance? This is so not-Stiles it just….And he gives the nogitsune this calm confidence that you know is backed up with actions, it’s not just cliche villain hubris.

And he has the best lines too. “Physical representations of her tails…however the hell that works.” And then he stands there, smiling, as Kira’s father chokes…


Star Wars moment  Star Wars moment

Her dad is the best

Did the nogitsune leave them? Maybe to lead them right to this story, into a trap?

Or is there something else going on?

No. No it isn’t.

Of course!

You know what would have been great? You cluing them in back when you first arrived!!


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sorry i only date pokemon masters


"Can you imagine dying more than once?"

"Sure I can. I’ve done it." 


Awesome cosplayers at the Fandom Society Cosplay Ball last night!


Oh My My My → A Stydia AU/Fanfiction-ish 

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Oh My My My → A Stydia AU/Fanfiction-ish 

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Can we talk about the parallels between Mickey and Rory for a second? Mickey is the dogged nice guy, and his reasons for being annoyed with Rose running off with the Doctor are legit (I don’t like him much, but the way Rose treated him was absolute crap). Still, even in situations where he could have stepped up, he didn’t or couldn’t because of who he was.

Rory starts off the same way: bitter towards the Doctor, annoyed at his fiance for running off with this wonderful man because there’s no way Rory can measure up to that. The big change though is that, even when he was annoyed about it, he was smart enough to know priorities—space fish attacking you is kind of more important than being mad at Amy.

And then Amy realizes it’s not the Doctor she wants to be with. It’s Rory. It’s always been Rory. From that point onward, their relationship isn’t this waiting game. He knows she loves him, and she knows he loves her. And even immediately after that, when there’s still some tension and resentment between the Doctor and Rory, Rory takes a bullet laser for the Doctor.

Rory always had the heart and courage to be an amazing man, an amazing companion and bf/husband, it was just pushed down because of his and Amy’s relationship. Mickey, i feel like, was never the type of person to travel in the TARDIS, but he did really care for Rose and probably would have made her happy, had the Doctor not been in the picture. (Besides the fact that, even when Amy was flippant, it was obvious she cared deeply for Rory, while I feel like Rose just treated Mickey as a way to pass time or something).

This all being said…I want to know what happened with Mickey and Martha, if their relationship was similar to Amy and Rory or maybe a gender-reversed version in some ways. (But that could bring in Rory and Martha parallels and this post is already too long.)

Incase anyone wanted to see the eclipse right now but cant!


Live feed of Lunar Eclipse

For added effect, mute the sound, pull up a Jonn Serrie playlist on Youtube, and fullscreen. It feels just like you’re outside, looking up at the sky



Nothing can compare to books and writing while it’s raining.

Ya morning bookgasm! It is not raining in New York. It may be snowing. Who really knows.



oh, we’re fading fast


Finally, a good quality version



Having an urge to draw


Having no inspiration


Having the Inspiration


Don’t know how to draw


Allison, hold on. You have to wait. Allison, wait for meThere’s no time dad. Wait, Allison. Wait!